Success- The view from the Top

Oh, you don’t know what the view from the top is. How can you be so naïve to even think that it’s all rosy? You feel that at this height, The world showers its choicest blessings on you. But look closely It’s not the heavenly arrows of cupid, Or the confetti of the success fairy. […]

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The unusual crime

Love crime thrillers? I have something for you, a case like no other. Let’s try to file it’s report. The crime is attempt to murder, an attempt which was unfortunately 90% successful; and the percentage just keeps skyrocketing. Yes, the victim’s still alive, but barely clinging on to the last few wisps of life. And […]

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I ain’t no witch Yet Potter heads ask me, “What shape would your boggart take?” And I shiver as I think of you But I dare not reply. The boggart would have a hard time turning into you You’re not a thing, you have no form Yet you can be seen and felt As you […]

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The world’s most mysterious book

Here’s something to fuel your curiosity. Deep down in the clairvoyant aisles of the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University, lies the world’s most mysterious book. This incomplete book consisting of heavenly illustrations has been carbon dated to the early 15th century and is named as ‘The Voynich Manuscript’, after Wilfrid Voynich, […]

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An open letter to my school

School is fun. Before the pandemic, a majority of us would have refuted this statement, with the burden of a huge syllabus on our shoulders. But now, there are no words in English language to express our longings to don our schoolbags and board that school bus again. Confined to our brick walls we frequently […]

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The open secret

Whenever you sit on your mahogany office table, does the wood ask you to compensate for laying down its life to make yours luxurious? When was the last time a honeybee asked you to pay her for her toil, for her honey that you were gorging on? Has the rose ever wept melancholy tears, when […]

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The pen isn’t mightier than the sword, mightier is the hand who knows when to pick what.

Ever played rock-paper-scissors? I’m sure you have. It can be a source of endless fun, predicting what your opponent might choose and then mold your hand into a response accordingly, that too in a matter of seconds. The rock, the seemingly toughest of them all, is defeated by the fragile and humble paper, who in […]

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